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US Business Funding Reviews Note Quick Cash Advance Applications

Posted on: May 11, 2016 | Category: US Business Funding

We ask our customers to offer their comments and concerns about working with us, and we’re pleased that our feedback is overwhelmingly positive. US Business Funding reviews often mention the quick and simple application process for cash advanced based on future credit and debit card sales, so we thought we’d take a moment today to explain just how easy that process is.

We’ve looked over the adjectives clients have used in the last year to describe the merchant cash advance program, and many of them simply used words like “quick” or “simple” or “easy”. But we noticed one person who called the process uncomplicated; another said it is straightforward. Yet another used a word in her US Business Funding review that we don’t often use around here: swift. And it’s totally accurate.

So how easy is the merchant cash advance application process? There are less than 20 fields to fill out on a single page — and that includes room for two phone numbers, two lines of your mailing address and telling us how you heard about us.

The fields include your company name and the contact name as well as the complete address, those phone numbers and a fax number. We need to know the best time to contact you and how long your business has been in operation.

We round out the form with the important financial information we need:
– your yearly gross sales
– how much you take in through Visa and Mastercard sales each month, and
– how much of a working capital advance you want from us.

Once have everything, we take a look and see what we can do. We can usually provide a quick and positive answer.

Soon after filling out that simple, straightforward and swift little form, you could be among those writing positive US Business Funding reviews at our request.

Someday, maybe we’ll share some of that positive feedback with you in more detail.

For now, just remember that a merchant cash advance is simple to get — and it can get out of some really difficult business funding situations. It all starts with that one-page form, located on our website.

We don’t care what adjectives you use to describe the form or us — as long as we can help you. When we’re on your side, your business funding options increase and your financial bind can fade away.

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